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Aeteon’s experience as a consulting and technology firm has proved an invaluable resource to clients during the software search, selection and implementation process.

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Strategic Management

Aeteon offers a range of services to address your toughest business challenges. Please select a category to find out more about our management and technology solutions. Our services are grouped in 2 main groups; Management Consulting and IT Consulting. Our experienced consultants help with advice but also with planning and implementing strategic initiatives that advance our clients position in the market place.

Management Consulting

Strategic Management

Operating in a global market creates challenges on all companies that need to react and adopt. Aeteon consultants study the market trends and opportunities. Strategic management engagement can help define a competitive business vision and build a roadmap for implementation. We work closely with senior management in establishing viable strategic and tactical plans and assist in implementation.

Strategic Planning is an evolutionary process. Small and medium size firms that are new to planning usually go through a four sequential phases:

1. Financial-based planning
2. Forecast-based planning
3. Externally oriented planning
4. Strategic Management

Aeteon consultants work closely with the CEO and senior management to institute a value system and framework so companies can reach Strategic Management phase.

A typical engagement is divided into 5 major segments:

1. Analyzing the current status
2. Examining prospects for the future
3. Setting the future course
4. Putting the strategy to work
5. Evaluating and controlling the strategy

We assist our clients to first analyze and clearly understand its current status. Once an organization has a firm grip on its present status, it is in position to examine its prospects for the future. After its prospects have been identified, we assist the organization set its future course through careful evaluation and choice of alternatives. In the next stage, Aeteon consultants may assist during implementation of the chose strategy. In the final stage, we will evaluate and control the selected strategy. It is obvious that for the strategy to be effective, strategic management must be an iterative process.

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